Over the last few months, the world has been reeling from the spread of a new flu virus, COVID-19. As the virus is being fought in the United States, people have been asked to restrict their work time and leisure time and stay home and away from others.

At 1700 on 3/21/2020, Governor JP Pritzker instituted a Stay at home order. While the office will be open, to maintain the safety of all my current and future patients as well as my staff, there will need to be some temporary changes.

I will be following the Guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine with regard to fertility cycles. While I no longer do Advanced reproductive care, I will be suspending new stimulation cycles and evaluation cycles effective 3/22/2020. Anyone who is in a treatment or evaluation cycle will finish, and God willing, be pregnant. I will re-evaluate this change on April 6, 2020 along with the current recommendations and the policies of the State of Illinois

Likewise, If you are scheduled for an annual exam, please consider rescheduling for a month or two from now.

Of course, any gynecological problems will be seen as usual.

The entire staff will be wearing masks during office interactions. These masks do not prevent the spread of COVID-19 but will prevent the spread of secretions.

The penalties in place for using Skype have been lifted, and there will be more information soon about increasing the use of telehealth as an option

Together, with God’s help, we will get through this

God Bless you!

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