Fertility is a positive component of a woman’s health that should be cared for and protected. We respect the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death. We strive to support marriages to grow in love and happiness. Every patient or couple is given the opportunity to be educated about their personal fertility status through a research based standardized methodology. In this way, women and couples are able to participate in their own healthcare and fertility management.

The best medicine seeks to cure disease, not bypass it. Usually, infertility and related health problems are simply a symptom of another underlying condition. Unfortunately, most people address infertility as an isolated problem that needs to be fixed. This is a huge flaw in the current approach to infertility. We believe women and men deserve the best diagnostic efforts to identify and treat the causes of infertility. When women are taught to understand their fertility and become involved in their healthcare, medicine reaches new diagnostic capabilities. Our goal is to heal the underlying conditions, not only restoring general health but also improving fertility.

This approach provides the best in current medical care, applying diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in a way that is cooperative with the natural functions of the body.