I am constantly in awe of what a woman’s body can do, with childbirth being one of its greatest marvels. A Bella Baby OBGYN is committed to providing the best care for women during pregnancy. It all begins with a devotion to affirming the dignity of women and promoting respect for your unborn baby.

Journey Together

Your pregnancy is a journey and I appreciate the opportunity to accompany you! This includes prenatal care from the first ultrasound, delivery in the hospital, and postpartum care. Natural and medicated births as well as cesarean deliveries and vaginal births after c-section are all options.

Pregnancy Complications

Certain pregnancy complications such as Preterm Labor, Hypertension, Diabetes, Birth Defects, and even Miscarriage may be avoided by healthy decisions before conception. In the office during an appointment we may discuss topics such as nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and specific vitamin supplementation.

Healthy Pregnancy Starts With Healthy Living

Since a healthy pregnancy starts with maximizing healthy living prior to conception, I am happy to meet with you prior to your pregnancy to discuss your overall wellness.

Highest Quality and Safety

My goal is to promote the highest of quality and safety measures as recommended nationally for women in pregnancy. I believe in evidence-based initiatives which are directed at improving care for women and their babies.

Perinatal Hospice services

As early prenatal testing becomes more available, more parents are receiving life-changing news. A Bella Baby OBGYN is honored to be one of a growing number of practices which offer perinatal hospice and palliative care for parents and relatives as they journey through this loved pregnancy. The perinatal hospice approach is not a place but a means of caring for the parents and the baby with compassion and dignity

Subspecialists Available For High-Risk Pregnancies

A Bella Baby OBGYN is also committed to providing women who may have a high-risk pregnancy the opportunity to see Subspecialists as needed.